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Children’s Menu

2 Course £6.95 or 3 Course £8.95


Battered Chicken strips

  1. hand battered chicken breast strips, served with a smoky tomato dipping sauce.


Soup of the day or Heinz tomato soup

Served with sourdough bread and croutons


Garlic ciabatta fingers

2 fingers of garlic bread


Battered Cauliflower florets

Florets of cauliflower in a light crispy batter. Served with a smoky tomato dipping sauce.  



Beef, grilled chicken breast or breaded chicken burger

Served in a floured bun with cos lettuce, beef tomato and red onion rings


Hand battered chicken nuggets

4 chicken breast chunks in crispy batter


Hand battered cod goujons

3 fingers of cod fillet in crispy batter.


Welsh faggots and gravy.

2 locally made faggots on a bed of creamy garlic and chive mash. Topped with onion gravy.


Mushroom stroganoff.

Portobello mushrooms in a creamy sauce. Served with saffron rice.


Flat bread pizza.

Sourdough flat bread topped with smoky tomato sauce, cheese and pepperoni slices.


 Unless stated, all served with a choice of chips or creamy garlic and chive mash and a choice of peas or baked beans.



Ice cream selection

A scoop or vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream in a crispy waffle basket with a fudge finger. Topped with chocolate or strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Please ask about available ice cream flavours.


White chocolate brownie

Warm chocolate brownie topped with white chocolate and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream


Orange Chocolate brownie

Warm, rich orange and chocolate brownie served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream  

Available in the bar & restaurant.

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